F H Wines is a small wine brokerage company designed to source and offer outstanding values, predominantly from California, with a couple of bottlings from Oregon and Washington states.

My territory is San Francisco, Marin and Napa counties.  These are extremely competitive markets that are saturated with outstanding wines.  I believe that it makes better business sense to discover excellent values that restaurants and retail stores can easily turn over on their wine lists and their shelves, rather than to seek out the next cult winery.  Although very exciting to work with, these tiny production outfits often demand unrealistic prices that only a small fragment of the customer base can afford.
At this time, I am pretty much developing the F H Wines portfolio on my own, which means I keep the number of wineries – and wines – down to a healthy minimum.  I try to avoid duplicate categories and varietals in my book in order to keep my winemakers happy – no easy feat.  
I now have 17 wineries and albeit challenging, this modest venture has turned into a very rewarding business that regularly reminds me how lucky I am to be my own boss.